An electricity supplier that speaks the language of small business

‘Champion’ is a state of mind. They are devoted.
They compete to best themselves...Simon Sinek

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Frugalise your electricity

Champion Energy™ is an independent electricity supplier whose mission is to use frugal innovation to serve small businesses with cost-effective solutions and customer experiences that surpass the current market.

  • Outstanding customer care with a UK based agents
  • Competitive prices thanks to frugal innovation
  • SME specialists that know what business owners want

Champion Energy™ specialises in connecting businesses with reliable and affordable energy supplies. We work with SMEs and help them make the right electricity purchasing decisions. If you want to switch suppliers, have moved into new premises or want a supply reconnected, Champion Energy™ will take care of the process from end to end.

A canny, thrifty service

Champion Energy™ are applying decades worth of customer insights and digital nous to develop an energy supply service that is a perfect fit for SMEs. We are passionate about using frugal innovation to deliver the customer service and price SMEs need in these challenging times.

Champion Energy™ customers get outstanding customer service and expert knowledge without it costing the earth. We put customers first with:

  • Credible, common-sense communications which are paperless as standard. This streamlines workflow and simplifies the administrative process for SMEs.
  • Automated meter reads that guarantee bills reflect usage

Levering the power of partnerships

The mobilisation of Champion Energy into the SME electricity supply market was underpinned by support from Tilix, Utiliteam and Morrison Data Services. Their depth of industry knowledge and skills is first class. More importantly, their ability to flex to Champion’s unique requirements and the challenging market conditions around COVID-19 highlights their professionalism. Shah Ali, CEO, Champion Energy™

These partners have provided the foundation which helped Champion Energy™ achieve a low cost and high quality entry into the GB electricity supply market. Through brokering the right partnerships, Champion Energy™ can move quickly and deliver more value to customers.

In the next stage of growth partnerships in sales will be key. Champion Energy™ has designed referral and broker programs which are built on the core principles of partnership: equity, transparency and mutual benefit.