Champion Energy’s Guide to Your Consumer Rights


Ofgem don’t have a direct role in dealing with individual disputes between customers and energy suppliers. However, they do collect information from a range of sources as part of their market monitoring activity, and keep the energy markets under review to ensure that all energy licensees comply with the law and their licence obligations. Where suppliers fail, Ofgem will act. Ofgem publish data to help consumers see who the best and worst performers are.

European Union & Citizen’s Advice

Know Your Rights’ is a leaflet published by Citizen’s Advice. The European Energy Consumer Checklist is a document published by the European Commission’s Directorate General for Energy and Transport.

Besides the general consumer rights guaranteed in EU legislation, the EU has defined since the opening of the energy supply market a set of rights that all EU citizens enjoy as energy consumers. Their aim is to help consumers, amongst other things, to get a better deal, and to track and manage their energy use. Rights as an energy consumer have been set out in UK law and reflects the provisions given in EU legislation.

The leaflet “European Energy Consumers’ Rights” outlines what you gain as an energy consumer from European legislation.